About Sam LaFever

When Sam LaFever is not at sea you will find him in his studio in Leesburg Virginia. Sam has been creating and exhibiting artwork since 1990.

In 1987, Sam was licensed as a Merchant Mariner. When not at sea, Sam worked as a fine artist near Annapolis, Maryland.

In late 1995, he created, exhibited, and sold oil paintings, watercolors and intaglio prints of figurative works, landscape, working boats, waterfront life, and figurative works.

He completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Graphic Design in 2009 and operated a graphic design studio until 2013, when he reinstated his maritime license and returned to the maritime industry as mate for a company in Norfolk, Virginia. Now, as time permits, Sam is in his studio.

Currently, his main focus is creating "Digital Serigraph" prints in small editions of 10-100 prints.  Using software to create prints has completed a cycle for him that started with a fascination of serigraphy.

The process of layering color, as in creating a serigraph, or “silkscreen” print is well suited to creating prints digitally.

Reducing a composition to its light, color and structural elements provides its own aesthetic and an interpretive approach to composing artwork.